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Smash it up

We try to teach our kids good table manners and then we ask them, on their first birthday, to pose with a cake and smash it up for some fun photos. No wonder they’re dazed and confused in the pictures.

My first smash cake was my own. That’s me on my first birthday, looking perplexed. I had chicken pox and probably wasn’t sure what to do with the mound of frosting in front of me. Right after dad snapped this photo, I did a face plant into the cake.

Fast forward many years and I’m now creating fun smash cakes, in living color, for my customers’ babies.

Abby sent me a copy of Effie's party invitation and I carved a little cactus with some flowers on top for her desert themed party.

Another mother wanted to celebrate her son with a lumberjack themed party. My forester husband consulted on the axe design.

Harrison loves Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are” so I made him a little monster smash cake. (Thanks, Lauren of Lauren Rachel Custom Invitation Design for the photo of your dear little boy)

The talented Lauren Delvecchio of LAD Photography ordered this purple ombre smash cake for one of her clients. Isn't she precious?

Grab your camera and a roll of paper towels, pose that feisty one year old with their very own smash cake and make some memories. I'd be happy to design a fun cake for your baby's first birthday.


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